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2011 July 30 - Buddhist Church Bazaar

2011 July 30 - Buddhist Church Bazaar
Stockton, CA

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The annual Stockton Buddhist Church Cultural Bazaar is this weekend. And a big part of that is the Food. The Bazaar opens at 11:00 AM but the parking lot is already into the dirt overflow lot by 10:50 when we arrive.
Picking up Mom at Bayside Landing where she has been living since March 27th

We walk passed the garden and into the inner lot.
Here Aeko (should be spelled Eiko but her father anglicized the spelling) is talking to Mom

Mom knows a lot of people so is greeted by many before we get to the food.
Our recently retired Reverend Hasegawa

They are still setting up a lot of the Game Booths.
This is Mom's next door neighbor before she moved into her Senior Residence

Cooking a ton of chicken teriyaki takes spray cans full of teriyaki sauce.

There are a whole string of grates in various states of cooking

Talking to another long time friend in front of the nursery.

Besides the Japanese cuisine there is the standard hamburger and fries.

Jerry is a friend of my younger brother who passed away in 1995 at the age of 48

Inside the big multi-purpose room is a display of Shogunate era weapons.

More friends along the walk to the food.

We are now inside where most of the food is bought.

Lunch today is chicken teriyaki, beef kushiyaki (skewed thin sliced beef grilled over coals) and inarizushi and futomaki (a tradtional roll).
Mom is reaching for an inarizushi which is a traditional sushi where the seasoned (sushi) rice is placed into the pocket of a seasoned and deep fried tofu wrapper

A friend has given her a half dozen Japanese manju:
Manju are traditional Japanese confections that are usually made from flour, rice powder, and buckwheat, with a red bean or white lima bean paste filling.

After eating we go to the other kitchen where the noodles are being cooked to visit another of Mom's close friends.
Cooking up a couple of batches of udon - Udon are white and thick noodles. Udon noodles are basically made by kneading wheat flour, salt, and water.

Mom's friend was taking a break from her cooking chores.

So after a couple of hours of lunch and visiting it was time to get Mom back before her 2:30 PM Bingo game at her residence. They have Bingo four times a week and Mom rarely misses a Bingo game.
Mom heading in for a short rest before her Bingo game

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