Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 Jul 29 - O'Connor Woods

2010 Jul 29 - O'Connor Woods Retirement Community
Stockton, CA

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Today Mom and I are taking a tour of the Independent Living facilities at O'Connor Woods. Included with this tour is a lunch at the Dining Room that is a part of the Independent Living Community.

O'Connor Woods is a multi-level retirement community with no buy-in fees that offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Residents enjoy a unique lifestyle on 34 acres filled with century-old oak trees, walking trails, and beautiful gardens, with the freedom to enjoy a lifestyle they deserve.

Mom really does not wish to leave her home, but as her health declines it is time for her to at least visit places where she may wish to move to. And O'Connor Woods has great facilities for Independent Living not found in many places around the country.

This lady is giving Mom a tour of the Independent Living Facilities.
Getting on the elevator

This is the Model One Bedroom Apartment.
Full kitchen appliances and a washing machine and dryer also

View from the kitchen to the Living Room

Bedroom {the left side white area is the living room wall}

The Putting Green, Pool and Fitness Club

Then it was time for lunch. One meal a day between the hours of 11:30 AM and 7:00 PM is included in the monthly fees.
A display of today's entrees and special dessert

The alternative healthy menu

Thursday main menu

Mom took a trip through the salad bar

I skipped the salad bar and had the Sauerbratten, Potato Pancake and Red Cabbage

Mom decided on a roast beef sandwich on sourdough

She only finished a half of the sandwich

After we leave O'Connor Woods we drive about 25 miles to Wong's Chinese Deli in Escalon, CA.
She was running out of Char Shui {Chinese BBQ Pork}. She usually buys three large orders and takes the pieces home, slices them and puts them into a number of zip lock bags and then into the freezer. But she also buys tonight's dinner for herself and my sister whose home she lives at.
I had carried a cardboard box full of items to the car and Mom followed

Then the drive back home to Stockton.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 Jul 22 - Cafe Rolle - French Bistro
East Sacramento, CA

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There is not a city by the name of East Sacramento, but rather it is a neighborhood east of downtown Sacramento.

Today's lunch is at a quaint little French Bistro owned and run by William Rolle.
Their vehicle since William Rolle will cater or give cooking lessons when his diner is not open

Real small parking lot, but around the corner is a lot of street parking

The busboy helping Mom with her chair

William makes all of his salad and sandwich fillings in house

Poached salmon and fritata

He smokes his own salmon

My Croque Lamb Monsieur

Mom's cold poached salmon sandwich

Mom has her sandwich on Faccacia bread since the baguttes are real crusty

William prepares all of the food in the very visible kitchen

The sole waiter, but William does also fill in if he is not busy in the kitchen

And the busboy serves drinks and delivers some orders

I had a young lady waiting for a take out order take this photo

Three al fresco tables

After lunch we head over to Oto's Japanese Food Market. I was just here yesterday with Gobo's Lunch Bunch.

Mom picked up a few items that are not available in Stockton

Then Mom decided she wanted to have a creme filled pan {pahn} [Japanese for bread].

Mom paying for her pastries

One more stop in Stockton. Mom needs cash and she does not use ATM's so we stop at the bank branch that is inside a Supermarket near home.

A long line today, but the young man just in front of Mom let her go before him

I had to pick up a few groceries and got back just as Mom was getting her check cashed


2010 Jul 15 - Maria's

2010 Jul 15 - Maria's Mexican
Stockton, CA

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Today is Thursday but it is also the day that Dad would have turned 97 had he lived past August of 2007. So Mom and I are having breakfast at Maria's in downtown Stockton and then heading to the cemetery in French Camp.
Maria's is a half a block east of the Stockton Police Department

Mom had the small Cocido while I had the chorizo con huevos

Maria our waitress, but not the Maria who owns the restaurant packs Mom's left overs

Mom carrying her left overs

The ashes of Grandpa and Grandma Inamasu, brother Thomas and Dad are in the same plot at the cemetery.
Mom leaves flowers and tidies up around the headstone

We had bought Dad a birthday cake so we have that after dinner. The first piece will go on the small plate and be placed at the Butsudan {home altar or shrine}.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

2010 Jul 08 - Good Friends

2010 Jul 08 - Good Friends Chinese Buffet
Valley Springs, CA

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Most Thursdays I have lunch with mom. This Blog follows our lunches.

Today we are traveling some thirty miles to the east and barely into the foothills of Calaveras County.
Good Friends is at the northeast corner of the intersection of Hwys 12 and 26.

They have an excellent selection of items and almost all are prepared very well.

Mom's first plate of food. They actually have pretty good sushi.

After lunch we take Hwy 12 to Hwy 88 and stop just east of Stockton at the Fruit Bowl. It is a fruit stand, a bakery and a little café.
The bakery and café are at the far side of the building.

Here's mom shopping for fruits and vegetables.

Now is time to check out.

One more stop. We have to pick up a pastrami sandwich for my sister's dinner. We go to Genova Bakery to get the sandwich, a pastrami on a Genova Milk Roll.
Sandwich prices are really reasonable.

Here are some of the loaves of fresh baked bread.

And the loaves of bread that you will see in grocery stores around Stockton.

Mom shops for pasta and some cookies as well.

Here she is with the cookies. She also bought a little roast beef and a Baguette.