Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Aug 13 - The Avenue Grill

2010 Aug 13 - The Avenue Grill
Lodi, CA - Breakfast

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Today is a breakfast, not lunch at The Avenue Grill in Lodi, CA. I have to return some papers in Lodi so this is a favorite breakfast place of mine in Lodi. Cousin Millie is staying with Mom for a week and will be taking Mom back to Orange County with her tomorrow for an extended visit.
Mom and Cousin Millie walking to the entrance

Cousin Millie and the counter at The Avenue Grill

Mom and a view of the covered patio through the glass

Both Mom and Millie decide on the One Slice of Strawberry French Toast with whipped cream

Mom getting ready to dig in. That is not tea. Both are having hot water to drink.

Millie starting to eat

Now here is my small breakfast, an egg, potatoes and a small hamburger patty with an English muffin. Some A1 on the hamburger and Tabasco sauce on the egg.

My brother used to use his left fore finger just like Mom when he ate

Mom eating her French Toast

After breakfast we head over to Dee Dee's home. I have to drop off some papers with Dee Dee, a high school classmate of mine. Dee Dee wants to show Mom her Koi Pond.
Mom , Millie and Dee Dee with the dog

Here in the back yard is the Koi Pond

The Koi have grown very big

After our visit we head back to Stockton to get Mom's prescription filled before she heads off to Orange County tomorrow.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010 Aug 05 - Mexico Lindo

2010 Aug 05 - Mexico Lindo
Stockton, CA

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Today mom and I are going to have Mexican food for lunch. We are headed not too far from home to Mexico Lindo here in Stockton.
Mom entering the restaurant

I am not sure why mom is reading the menu. She always has the Chile Relleno lunch when we come to Mexico Lindo.
Mom is looking at the menu anyway

But she orders the Chile Relleno lunch with a cup of hot water.
Getting ready to eat

Almost the first fork full

My lunch is a chicken taco and a guacamole tostada with rice and no beans

Mom did not finish her rice and beans.
Here mom is carrying the burrito she made with her left overs

We then travel the 12 miles or so to the Lodi Walmart. Since mom quit driving in March we usually go somewhere to shop after lunch.
She grabs a cart from the parking lot and uses it as a walker

This is the start of an hour and a half trip through Walmart. She said she just shops more slowly nowadays.