Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 Mar 27 - Mom Moves to Bayside Landing

2011 Mar 27 - Mom Moves to Bayside Landing
Stockton, CA

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Mom has always been a very independent person. Always busy. Always trying to do. Too much at times. And she had become tired and frustrated in the past year or so because she could no longer keep up with her daily routines. Then too she started sending her weekday companion home after a couple of hours instead of the 6 hours she was paid to stay with Mom.

So she was ready to move into a Senior Independent Living Facility. Her new residence is only a mile east of my sister's home where she has lived for the past 13 years. It is also a just a little over a half a mile from my home. So she is remaining in the neighborhood.
Bayside Landing at Brookside Road and March Lane

Mom will have her own Studio Apartment. She has an interior ground floor room in this two story building.
The view from her window

Mom's apartment is a mirror image of this floor plan.
The floor plan of her Studio Apartment

I drove her to her new place on Sunday morning and stayed a couple of hours watching the Sacramento Kings game on television. Then her Resident mentor would take her to lunch at the dining room. I sat at her table until she got her food; then I left. My sister and her friend would be there after lunch to bring a weeks worth of Mom's clothes and a few other items.
Mom watching the Kings game on television

Three meals a day, seven days a week. And the dining room has waiter service.
The dining room is open from 7:30AM to 6:30PM and you can eat anytime during those hours. You can have breakfast anytime. The daily lunch specials are available from 11:30AM to 1:00PM and the daily dinner specials from 4:30PM to 6:00PM. Besides breakfast items there is a café menu available that has sandwiches and salads.
Mom has her first meal a lunch of ham, potato salad, mac and cheese and a veggie with hot green tea

Here is a sample of part of the March 2011 Resident Activity Calendar:
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 Mar 23 - Park Woods Yogurt and Deli

2011 Mar 23 - Park Woods Yogurt and Deli
Stockton, CA

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Mom had to go get some Medical Lab work done today, so we went right before lunch. Her favorite sandwich shop is less than a half mile from her Clinic. So today's lunch is at the Park Woods Yogurt and Deli Shoppe in the Park Woods Shopping Center.
The place is long and narrow with just 5 tables for two along the west wall

It's now Spring but it is cool and rainy with Flood Warnings for large parts of Northern California.
The Shoppe's new Spring hours

The owner usually only has one helper as she is making part of our order.
Mom, Cousin Millie and I are each having a Chicken Salad Sandwich on the Lunch Special

She just finished making Millie's and my sandwiches

Mom is having her sandwich on a croissant. Millie is having her's on a Genova soft roll. And I am having mine on a Podesto's Dutch Crunch roll. The Lunch Special includes a soft drink, a bag of chips and a pickle spear for $7.00.
From left to right, Mom's, mine and Millie's

Mom has lettuce, onion, tomato and cucumbers

I have lettuce, tomato and cucumbers

Starting to eat lunch.
I am giving Mom and Millie a head start

Mom taking another bite

Oops. That is enough of a head start as I am getting hungry.

Leaving after lunch

~end of this lunch

Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 Mar 04 - Cafe Rolle

2011 Mar 04 - Cafe Rolle - French Bistro
East Sacramento, CA

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Today mom and I are headed to Sacramento and a favorite little eatery:
Click here to open the Cafe Rollé web site in a new browser window.
The waiter seats mom

That is William Rolle, owner and chef in the kitchen

Shrimp, patés and chicken

William smokes all of the salmon for the Café himself

Here is a semi posed photo of William Rolle

The Café is located in a mixed use neighborhood a few miles due east of downtown Sacramento.

He has a specially painted car for his cooking lessons and catering.

There are even a few tables for al fresco dining.

A neighboring table has Duck Paté for an appetizer.

William brings out our lunch himself.
Mom has the Hot Poached Salmon Sandwich on Foccacia Bread

Mom deciding where to start

This is my Hot Smoked Salmon Sandwich on a bagutte

The Marinated Shrimp Salad from the next table

The Hot Shrimp Sandwich from the next table

Mom finished all but the last piece of her sandwich

Mom drinking her tea. This is the last piece of her sandwich.

Café Rolle even has a table for two in the kitchen.

After lunch we head back to Stockton.

Then it is time for mom's daily trip to the park to feed the birds. She started this about 12 years ago when she used to take dad to the park for his daily walk around the park.
Mom scattering bread and pop corn for the birds

Birds are eating and lately Sea Gulls have come this far inland

There is a Port of Stockton where ocean going freighters drop off and pick up stuff.
There happened to be one departing as we were in the park.
A young fisherman waves good bye to the ship

The channel is not very wide and a specially trained River Pilot is at the helm until San Francisco Bay

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