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2011 Aug 25 - Mexico Lindo - Copperopolis

2011 Aug 25 - Mexico Lindo
Copperopolis, CA

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The Mexico Lindo restaurant that mom liked here in Stockton closed last November. But the parents have a restaurant which serves the same recipes and even has the same name in Copperopolis, CA which is 40 miles east of Stockton.

Here is a link from August of 2010 of our lunch at Mexico Lindo in Stockton which will open in a new browser window. Click here

So that is our lunch destination for today.
It is 85° but mom will still wear her jacket

Copperopolis is right on Hwy 4 in the Sierra-Nevada foothills at about 1,000 feet elevation.
It is in Calaveras County some 15 miles from the Jumping Frog Fairgrounds.
Along Hwy 4 above the Valley is cattle country. Pretty dry here but you can see the higher mountains in the back.

The restaurant is in a strip mall about four miles south of the old town.
The Copperopolis Branch Library is also here

Mom getting out of the car

The chips and salsa

Of course, mom has her Chille Relleno

Beans, rice and a 7-Up too

Cutting her Chille

Starting to eat

Mom's appetite is real good. She finishes most of her plate.
Mom is recovering from an allergic reaction to something unknown so her face is still a little reddish

The young man in the background is the brother of the lady who ran the Stockton restaurant. He commutes from Stockton and attends the local junior college in Stockton.

Time to head back. This photo is along the route from the restaurant back to Hwy 4.
The Valley Oaks have not been cut down up here

I have to get mom back before her 2:00 PM Bingo at Bayside Landing.
It is now 93° so mom is carrying her jacket

~end for now

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